Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What makes Precision Line Boring & Welding stand out among it's competitors?

A : Quality, Professionalism, and the Desire to make things right! We use top of the line equipment designed especially for the services we are offering and we are dedicated to putting our name on only the best performance.


Q : What is Line Boring?

A : Put simply, it is a proceedure to repaire a pivot point on machinery or equipment by means of welding and re-machining. for a more detailed explanation please see our home page


Q : Do you supply parts? ie (pins, bushings, etc)

A : No, the parts necessary to complete the job are supplied by the customer, however, any material (Steel) needed for fabrication will be provided and billed by Precision Line Boring and Welding.


Q : What is the Cost?

A : No two jobs are the same, there is no flat rate that covers all situations, however, in most cases, we can give you a quote over the phone with a conversation, measurements, and a photo of the issue. If a quote is not possible in this fashion, a personal visit to your jobsite can be arranged.


Q : How long does it take?

A : Every job will have a different turnaround time, but the customer will always be given a time frame before work is begun. (A general timeframe for line boring normal wear is 1 day per set up)


Q : Can Equipment be Repaired on my jobsite or do I have to bring it to you?

A : We are a Mobile Service, your equipment can definitely be repaired in the field.


Q : Do you take Credit Card?

A : Yes, We gladly accept Check, Cash, or Credit Cards. Company accounts can also be set up with our billing department.


Q : Will You Travel?

A : Yes, We will go anywhere you need us. We have passport in hand and are Travel-Ready.


Q : Do you have a Guarantee?

A : Yes, We supply a 1 year guarantee on labor for all line bore repair.


Q : Do you carry Company Liability Insurance?

A : Yes, We carry a 1M/2M General Liability Insurance Policy.


Q : What type of repairs can you do in the field?

A : All Kinds! Before you assume I can't do it, give me a call.


Q : Will you work off Hours?

A : Yes, If you are in need of my services, I can be reached for an emergency call out.


Q : Do I need to be on the jobsite with you while you work?

A : Only if you choose to. I work independently and normally do not need assistance.

Where to Find Us:

Precision Line Boring & Welding, Inc.
Tomball, TX 77377

Phone: 832 250-3215

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